Code Council officials are preparing for virtual Group A Committee Action Hearings April 11-May 5

The International Code Council has begun its 2024 code development process and confirmed its Committee Action Hearings will take place April 11-May 5, 2021.

  • Notifications for ICC Code Committee appointments were sent November 25. Committee rosters online are undergoing updates at this time.
  • Submissions for code change proposals are currently open through January 11, 2021. Anyone can submit a proposal via the Code Council’s cloud-based program, cdpACCESS, at All Group A codes are posted on Digital Codes.
  • Speaking participants and those interested in listening to the proceedings will be able to join virtually. Read more here.
  • For a recent tutorial on using cdpACCESS, click here.
  • For the 2021/2022 Code Development Schedule that details all Group A and Group B activities and deadlines, please visit here.

More than 240,000 votes were cast and more than 2,600 voting representatives participated in the code development process for the 2021 International Codes. To continue to refine the process, issues were referred to the Board Committee on the Long-Term Code Development Process. Read more here.