Group B’s 2022 Committee Action Hearings are now winding down in Rochester, New York

The 2022 Group B Committee Action Hearings in Rochester, New York, are expected to end April 6. The hearings can be accessed live by clicking here. The 2022 Group B current code development cycle can be seen here. More information about the Group B process, including the Cost Impact Guide for the 2022 Group B Code Changes can be reviewed here. Note that Public Comments are due June 20th and will be heard at the Public Comment Hearings in Louisville, Kentucky. And while we’re on the subject, it’s not too soon to be thinking of arrangements to attend the 2022 Annual Conference, Expo and Group B Public Comment Hearings at the Kentucky International Convention Center in Louisville. The annual conference will be September 11-12 and the Public Comment Hearings will be September 14-21.