Nearly 350 applications received for 2024 International Energy Conservation Code committees

With nearly 350 applications submitted for the 2024 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) Development Committees, interest has been impressive among members hoping to serve on these committees and to held advance energy efficiency and building safety in America’s communities. Next, the Code Council Board of Directors will consider the nominations and appoint the committees. Committee members will be informed via email of their appointment and the first meeting of the committees is scheduled to start this summer. The applicants represent:

  • All nine identified interest groups — government regulators, public segments, consumers, manufacturers, builders, standards promulgators/testing laboratories, users, utilities and insurance.
  • Federal, state and local government regulators.
  • Forty-two U.S. states and 14 climate zones.
  • Building safety professionals, including code officials, architects, engineers, interior designers, energy raters, electricians, home builders, contractors and building owners.
  • Wood, masonry, steel, concrete, electrical, mechanical, water, insulation, HVAC, brick, fenestration and envelope manufacturers.

The Development Committees will establish workgroups that will allow for greater deliberation or focus on particular topic areas. Read more here.