Organizational changes outlined as the ICC Fire Code Action Committee kicks off its 2020-2023 cycle

The Code Council is ready to kick off the 2020-2023 cycle of Fire Code Action Committee (FCAC) with an organizational consolidation in the process. “All FCAC Regional Work Groups (RWGs) are adjourned and we encourage former RWG members and all other interested parties to shift their energy and contributions to the FCAC Task Group process,” Chief Michael O’Brian, Chair – FCAC, said. “The goal of FCAC Task Groups is to solicit input from members across a variety of backgrounds to aid in the development of code change proposals that address a focused concern while keeping input fluid.” Individuals interested in serving on FCAC Task Groups are encouraged to reach out to Task Group points of contact or chairs directly to engage in the process. For more information, email Karl Fippinger, kfippinger@ICCSafe.ORG.