Report is available from last fall’s four-part virtual summit on the importance of equitable resilience

FEMA recently released the report from a four-part virtual forum conducted last fall by the Resilient Nation Partnership Network, FEMA and NOAA. The report is titled “Building Alliances for Equitable Resilience: Advancing Equitable Resilience through Partnerships and Diverse Perspectives.” Calling attention to a growing body of research, the report states that “one of the most cost-effective ways to safeguard the whole community against natural disasters is to adopt and follow hazard-resistant building codes.” The report also supports the “nationwide adoption and use of up-to-date building codes” and making “equity a central part of planning and building code efforts” as some of the best ways to keep people safe in their homes and reduce the disproportionate impacts of natural hazards.    Over four weeks, 33 speakers from 28 organizations convened to share perspectives and personal and professional insights related to equity. The Code Council was represented by Ryan Colker, Vice President of Innovation and Executive Director of ANCR. Nearly 2,200 viewers representing over 500 organizations from diverse sectors and industries attended the virtual sessions. Download report here.