About NAFSA eBooks

NAFSA currently offers eBooks for many top-selling and new titles in the Mobi (Kindle) format. This format is readable on all Kindle devices, as well as on non-Kindle devices that support the free Kindle reader applications available from the Android Market, Apple's App Store, or directly from Amazon. You can also read these eBooks on your PC or Mac using the free Kindle for PC or Kindle for Mac applications. (Note: Select older titles are available in other digital formats.)

How to Download a NAFSA eBook

After you have purchased your eBook, you will receive an e-mail message with your secure download link. You should receive this email within 1 business day after your purchase.

You will need an internet connection for online reading and to download your eBook to your device for offline reading.

Note: You will have only 5 days and 3 attempts to download the eBook before the link expires.

If you have problems with your download, please call the customer service phone number included in the email message containing your link. You can also contact NAFSA Publications Customer Service:

  • Phone (toll-free in North America): 1.866.538.1927 or +1 240.646.7036
  • Email

Instructions for Downloading to Specific Devices

NAFSA eBooks

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