NAFSA celebrates innovation and values highly talented volunteer leaders and staff. 

Executive Office

  • Fanta Aw, PhDExecutive Director and Chief Executive Officer
  • Romona Morton, Executive Assistant

Human Resources and Administration

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  • Brenda Eribo, Human Resources Associate
  • Stacy Johnson, Office Administrator

Strategic Partnerships and Development

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  • Kerry Flett, Manager, Strategic Partnerships and Development
  • Tammy Hettinger, Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships and Development
  • Joanne Kuriyan, Exhibits Director

Knowledge Development

Academic Affairs and Internationalization

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  • Elizabeth (Liz) Cameron, Associate Director, Internationalization Services
  • Dale LaFleur, Senior Director, Academic Affairs & Internationalization
  • Shanna Saubert, Associate Director, Research and Scholarship

Conference Program

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  • Michelle Kudrin, Senior Director, Conference Program
  • Maria Fusca, Program Manager, Conference Program


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  • Meredith Bell, Associate Director, Strategic and Digital Communications
  • Elizabeth Hendley, Editor-in-Chief, International Educator
  • Dana Hill, Editor
  • Jenna Vaccaro, Associate Director, Publishing Services

Finance and Administration

  • Gilbert Deans, Jr., Chief Financial Officer

Conference and Meeting Planning

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  • Antoinette Dixon, Associate Director, Conferences and Meetings
  • Leslie Murray, Senior Director, Conferences, Meetings & Virtual Events
  • Daisy Newman, Program Manager, Conferences and Meetings


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  • Jenny Heinritz, Controller
  • Irina Schuster, Accounts Payable Administrator
  • Tonia Wise, Accounting Associate

Marketing and Membership

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  • Lori Brister, Associate Director, Web Content and Optimization
  • Brace Ford, Director, Membership and Career Center
  • Robin Little, Director, Production and Marketing Services
  • James Mahoney, Senior Director, Marketing and Membership
  • Austin Nicol, Program Manager, Marketing and Membership
  • Matthew Perkins, Email Marketing Specialist

Contact Technology Solutions

  • Melissa Larkin, Director, Technology Solutions
  • Damian Lin, Technology Solutions Specialist
  • Pete Mason, Director, Digital Experience
  • Ronnie Townsend, Event Technology Specialist

Leadership and Professional Development Services

  • Tatiana Mackliff, Deputy Executive Director
  • Michael Pereira, Associate Director, Learning and Development

Education Abroad and Volunteer Engagement Services

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  • Joelle Brown, Associate Director, Education Abroad Services
  • Andrew McCarty, Program Manager Volunteer and Member Engagement
  • Lauren Newton, Director, Professional Development Programs
  • Caroline Donovan White, Senior Director, Education Abroad Services & Volunteer Engagement

International Enrollment Management/International Student and Volunteer Engagement Services 

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  • David Fosnocht, Director, Immigration Practice Resources
  • Joann Ng Hartmann, Senior Impact Officer
  • Alena Palevitz, Associate Director, ISS Services and IEM
  • Helen Pearson, Program Manager, Learning Services
  • Steve Springer, Director, Regulatory Practice Liaison
  • Madeline Wiltse, Program Manager, ISSS-IEM and Volunteer Engagement

Regional Affairs

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  • Will Eichhorn, Associate Director, Regional Affairs
  • Ellie Harris, Program Manager, Regional Affairs
  • Julia Ruane, Director, Regional Affairs

Public Policy and Advocacy

Public Policy, Media Relations and Advocacy

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  • Rachel Banks, Senior Director, Public Policy & Legislative Strategy
  • Matt Ruffner, Policy and Media Relations Specialist
  • Erica Stewart, Senior Director, Advocacy and Strategic Communications
  • Heather Stewart, Counsel and Director of Immigration Policy