NAFSA is committed to proactively developing, supporting, and integrating sustainable practices into our work as international educators. We accept the shared responsibility to protect, preserve, and wherever possible, improve our environment by integrating this commitment into our programming, teaching, research, scholarship, and other practices.

CANIE Accord

NAFSA is proud to be an official signatory of the Climate Action Network for International Education (CANIE) Accord, a grassroots initiative to foster environmentally sustainable practices throughout the international education sector.

Press Release

Greening the Conference

Each year the NAFSA Annual Conference and Expo brings together international educators and industry leaders. NAFSA continues to strengthen our commitment to sustainable practices at the Annual Conference and Expo, from distributing reusable water bottles and responsibly-sourced tote bags to featuring digital signage, an online planner, and the conference app. Details for NAFSA 2024 are forthcoming.

Sustainability at NAFSA 2023

Sustainability SIG

The Sustainability Special Interest Group (SIG) is a forum for international education professionals to come together to discuss, learn about, and address the environmental and social impacts inherent in how we create and manage programs as well as opportunities we have to educate our students on these issues.

Sustainability SIG