Volunteer Leadership

Each year, hundreds of NAFSAns volunteer on committees, knowledge communities, task forces, and in other volunteer roles. Volunteers are critical to the success of the association’s vision, mission, and values. NAFSA welcomes volunteers who represent the wide spectrum of international educators in line with the commitment outlined in NAFSA’s Diversity and Inclusion Statement.


NAFSA Volunteer Wheel

The journey of a NAFSA volunteer is not linear! Volunteers who start with one opportunity may decide to serve in a different role the next cycle. NAFSA welcomes volunteers who are new to international education, seasoned veterans of the field, and everything in between.

Volunteering has many benefits for you:

  • Improve transferable skills, including leadership and project management
  • Excellent networking opportunity with other international education professionals
  • Discover other leadership positions available at regional and national levels

Volunteering has many benefits for your employer:

  • Enhance the visibility of your institution or organization
  • Build resourceful and supportive relationships with other NAFSA leaders
  • Connect to the broader international education conversation

“I now have friends across the country that I would never have had the privilege of meeting were it not for NAFSA. These are relationships that span beyond the professional and are now my personal support network. My journey with NAFSA is one of endless opportunity.”
 Lauren Jacobsen-Bridges, University of North Texas


Open Volunteer Opportunities

See each role below to apply or nominate a colleague.

Share Knowledge

Authors and Reviewers

Lead the Discussion

Knowledge Community Leaders

Help make annual and regional events a success.

Annual Conference & Expo
Regional Conferences

Contribute your content expertise and help others learn about new topics.

Authors and Contributors 

Advance the field of international education through strategic peer-led committees, projects, and discussions.

Knowledge Community Leaders
Regional Team Leaders

“NAFSA has provided opportunities for me to update my expertise, solve problems outside of my control, share my expertise with others, build my professional competencies (like budgeting and bookkeeping by serving in a regional treasurer role!), stay engaged with colleagues and best practices from around the world, and, finally, to become an Academy coach and pay it all forward.”
 Ryan Larsen, Western Washington University


“NAFSA reminds of the 'why' of my career—why I do what I do, why we do what we do, and why we need to continue doing what we do. It is a place and community of inspiration and friendship.”
 Dawn Wood, Kirkwood Community College