Research & Trends

Explore new research and the social, economic, political, and higher education-system trends affecting international higher education today.

Global Studies Literature Review

Guided by NAFSA’s Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship Knowledge Community, this online journal of book reviews, review essays, and articles explores the convergence of interests between the professional and academic fields of international education.

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Trends & Insights

Authored by respected leaders in the field, these short columns highlight social, economic, political and higher education system trends affecting international higher education.

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Research & Scholarship Connections

Join the community to explore resources, ask questions, engage in conversation, and network with peers interested in international education research and scholarly conversations.

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Research Symposium

Research Symposium events brought together researchers, scholars, and practitioners to share their work in an academic and professional environment and participate in critical discussions around theories, methodologies, and practices used in research. Five volumes of related publications are available now.

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