What We Stand For

Global learning leads to a more engaged and welcoming United States, more responsive and participatory government, and a more secure and peaceful world. To advance our mission, NAFSA advocates for policies that foster the exchange of ideas, create a commonsense immigration process, support the evolution and improvement of democratic institutions, and encourage enlightened global engagement.

U.S. for Success Coalition

International students make important contributions to U.S. innovation, cutting-edge research, and Americans’ understanding of the world. They are essential to the exchange of ideas and intercultural understanding on our campuses, in our communities, and in our workplaces. The United States must do more to attract a greater and more diverse population of international students and ensure their success.

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Visa and Immigration Policy: Reform for a System that Works

Create a fair immigration process with a roadmap to earned citizenship and more green cards for graduates to enhance U.S. innovation and competitiveness.

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Education Policy: Expanding Access to Study Abroad for U.S. Students

Expand and diversify opportunities for Americans to gain the foreign language and cross-cultural skills necessary to be competent in a global economy.

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