Policy Resources

NAFSA is the largest association of professionals committed exclusively to advancing international education. We aspire to enlightened international relations, a globally engaged citizenry, and a more peaceful world. The following policy recommendations, are the latest, most relevant trends, data and reports from NAFSA members, as well as other scholars, officials, and partners in the field of international education.

Congressional Recommendations

NAFSA has long advocated for legislative policy changes that would lead to a more globally engaged and welcoming United States.

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Trends and Data

NAFSA produces, and also tracks, the latest trends and data for members, our partners, and officials. These resources provide context and perspective to the global environment.

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NAFSA creates reports that provide members, our partners, and officials with professional, timely resources needed to elucidate and address the academic, economic, and security partnership challenges facing international education in the 21st century.

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Globally Competitive Workforce

NAFSA partnered with Emsi to produce a report measuring the impact of education abroad on workforce development in order to demonstrate international education’s value to the U.S. labor market.

International Students Contribute to Our Economy and Innovation

Learn how international students contribute to our economy and American innovation.

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U.S. Is Losing the Benefits of Talented International Students

Explore how the U.S. is losing our market share of international students and scholars.

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